Reality, it is what we see every time we open our eyes, hear through our ears, smell with our noses, things that we taste with our tongue and finally what we feel with our skin.

But the thing that’s on my mind is a question, ” Just how much of it that we sense is real?”
From my observations, i could not reach any concrete answers, the closest i could get to is either philosophical or abstract in nature.

Just how real our reality is, ranges from 100% to 0%. 100% because we are what we are, there could be no other explanation and it is extremely observable by what i have stated in the opening paragraph. However, this logical answer can also be ironically subverted by logic. Reasoning, if what we sense is so concrete as it is, then there would be no varied degrees of understanding of our reality.

Here is a story of a psychiatric patient who was known to have outbursts of paranoia about monsters roaming the world, lives everyday in fear of death and his attendant, a normal functioning human being of society.
One day, they are having a walk in a park and as they come to a tunnel, the patient exclaimed, ” STOP STOP, NO! NOT HERE, THE MONSTER WILL KILL US IF WE ENTERED!” Disbelieving the patient, his attendant badgered the patient to enter, ” Now now, it is getting late in the evening now, we have to get you back for your medications. This is a shortcut and there is no monster at all, trust me, i have been in this town for years.” The attendant, not wishing to waste any more time, dragged the patient into the tunnel.
At the exit, the attendant smiled and said, ” See, what have i told you, there is no monster at…” stopping short, as he turned back to look,  “…all? What? How? Since when did you give me this mangled hand? Hey… it’s not funny when you play these kind of pranks…”
Days later, mangled remains of what seemed to be a pair of human body was found in the tunnel, and torn pieces of clothes of a patient and an attendant of a nearby hospital.

Of course, this story is ultimately fictional per se, but point is the world view of the characters involved; one is viewed and diagnosed to be mentally crazy by large and the other is, well, normal and could safely represent the world view of society.
Reality of things for the patient is that the monster is 100% real though he is diagnosed and told that the monster is 0% real, during the period the story, it is reversed, the attendant who represents society believed that the monster is 0% real, had a first hand encounter with what is now 100% real.
Now then, to tie in back with our topic at hand, is the monster now 100% real? 0% real? or 0% real until the point in story when the attendant is in the jaws of the monster that it becomes 100% real?

My answer as stated before, reality of things is 0% and 100% at the same time, and it is because we are what are; we can only get our senses on things that are right in front of us. Even so, reality can never be 100% as well, after all, who can claim that they have ever completely understood anything? i call people who dare say otherwise, Liars.
Many a time, have i observed people who proudly dare claim they understood everything of another person, to be proven, absolutely wrong. Even i myself have been proven wrong many times, after all, i am human myself.
As much as i would like to continue elaboration on the topic of Understanding Other Humans, but i’ll just leave it for another time, it is most likely just a problem of maturity in human emotional and brain development, those who never learn not to wrongly claim things about other people or things, that is.

Concluding this observation of reality log, i would like to say, reality is never concrete. Reality, is only about as much as you believe it to be, no matter what kinds of reaction the world has, even your own physical body reactions is probably just a product of what you believe it to be. As long as you believe in something strong enough, it will become a reality… though whether you are a patient or attendant is another story, but your Reality, is definitely yours and yours only to keep.


で~ First Anime Post~ *88888* \(=∀= /)~~~

Been waiting for this anime to air for a long time now, ever since i have stumbled upon its Manga, so pardon me if some parts are clouded by my Otamega-Mode. XD

At First Glance:
This anime could look like a typical Harem anime, what with all the girls and only one(?) male char, in the cast, but i assure you, it is not. *Spoiler* Especially the in-house Maid(???) Yukimura that they are going to get.
Like some comment off the anime web for my anime fix, this anime is closer to the level of Melacholy of Haruhi Suzumiya than any other Harem anime; Girl makes a club, drags guy to be a part of club, more people turn up, hilarity ensues. XD There is no doubt that this anime is going to be a fun ride.
However, there’s one thing to note about this anime, its Art Direction. After watching through the first episode, many would notice the amount of CLOSE-UPS, its almost like a Shaft work. But its not, its an AIC Build work under the direction of Hisashi Saitō. i have not seen much of the works that he has directed, but i’m not really complaining because…

The Good: Lots of Close-ups of Characters( Like say, Yozora, Yozora, Yozora and Niku); Anime Direction, BGM, Voice-acting and Animation is good; Art of Background is pretty; Fanservicey OP.

The Bad: Lots of Close-ups of Characters( like Hasegawa for instance); Tsukkomi from Hasegawa from the Manga is left out, not that i have read the original Light Novel by Yomi Hirasaka but it is quite a bummer; There are Traps.

Potential: The pacing of this anime’s direction is pretty good, the subtle body language animation clips are well done in conveying the characters’ feelings, so there is much to look forward to even without reading the Light Novel or Manga. Another Plus for this anime would be the ED, i get the feeling that it is going to change every episode, which is a real Plus PLUS in my opinion. XD

Yozora: ” リア充は死ね!!!”

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